Higher End Industrial Image/Video Company Palmer Creative Group Inc.



You’ll get about 3 seconds to make your first impression.  Best make it a well-lit-shot from the Palmer Creative Group. Stop.The.Social.Media.Scroll.


Our imagery stops social media scrolling long enough to deliver your message.  Our design service inhouse creates media and materials that do the sell job.  Our leadership and management have done this over and over again many times: tourism, ec dev, mining, mining supply – we have been a behind-the-scenes catalyst for some of the most well-known brands in the business: Travel Manitoba, Ontario Tourism, Abitibi Geophysics, Discovery Geophysics, Coresafe Core Trays, Wirerope Industries, Sling Choker, Chevrolet, GMC, McLaren McCann and now = DGI Geoscience.  Just watch what happens with that brand!

Our intricate underground and surface lighting setups maximize the usefulness of imagery: from trade shows to detailed parts diagrams to branding and the feeling of confidence to the viewer, all found within well-lit imagery and video.  Our mob/de-mob costs for September onward are $1/km all in.  All rights to imagery are shared equally between PCG and our client.  

New for July 2024 – all new computer and software including the purchase of a super fast 64 gigabytes of RAM now allows full edit processing without waiting for the rendering stage – enhancing the quality of our video work dramatically.

We have completed our training with NORCAT including: underground safety modules, surface safety and lockout procedure modules – and can report that we have never had a lost-time injury during the company’s history.  We practice safety at your mine – whether its surface or underground.

You’ll find many of our photographs, taken years ago – are still standing the test of time.  Clients like Travel Manitoba, Ontario Tourism, CTC, Wirerope Industries, Sling Choker Manufacturing, Abitibi Geophysics, Chevrolet/GMC / McCann/MacLaren, Unigold Inc., Pierre Gagne contracting, Newmont, Barrick, Barrick Hemlo, VR Resources, Thunder Gold Corporation and many others still display our images in their materials.  The cost of our video and imagery is not expensive – it’s priceless considering the usage time increases great lighting provides.

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