Below: 4 Case Studies of the Palmer Creative Group & A Run-Down of Qualifications in Mining for your review.

Case Study #1 The Fish/Hunt Program at Travel Manitoba

Tactical Marketing Strategy: Meet the operators, hear their concerns, write down all concerns, meet with the Government Tourism Agency, discuss operators concerns, create a survey which will be delivered personnally over the phone by me to get a feel for the end-users (fishing/hunting clients in the Mid-West USA primarily) Ask the 20 questions and record all answers onto survey form for each end-user questioned.  Tabulate the results (350 surveys were done over a 1 year time period)  Knock off the highs and lows and arrive at the opinions of the masses.  Derive a working promotional strategy using the information from these best customers of our Lodges and Outfitters.  Sponsor the key shows in each of 10 US-Midwest markets.  Apply the same strategy to print, tv, radio, outdoor billboards, create brochures to be handed out at the door for each market – customized to each market, gauge effectiveness of our work, design massive booth and have Show Management set it up and take it down at each venue, build a 22′ fish to attract attention, rebrand the thing “Manitoba Monsters” – referring to the massive fish/hunt opportunities.  Lead the market – repeat yearly, always with fresh new ideas gained from year before.


Case Study 2 – Marketing Lead at Abitibi Geophysics




  To Whom It May Concern

My name is Pierre Berube, I am the President and CEO of Abitibi Geophysics. I write to you today on behalf of John Kevin Palmer, who was employed as our Executive Vice President for a number of years. Together, Kevin and my company, Abitibi Geophysics, have moved markers quickly – including, but not limited to:

• detailed surveys of our best clients 
a detailed and thorough marketing plan was created including SWOT analysis, customer input throughout, media planning, product development guidelines
a detailed evaluation of our operations including a review of our bid process, power point materials, all web site data, video and brochure reviews 
a complete revamp of every single marketing and sales material 
assistance with all new product introductions
new software which initially launched automated email campaigns 
new media has been created using his photography, video, design and writing abilities – producing these materials with high quality and a minimum of outsourcing. I did however always ensure that a geophysics expert assisted with these productions.
Kevin has been a vital cog in this wheel, massively introducing our new “main brands” to scores of new clients never aware of Abitibi Geophysics before.  To summarize, Kevin has treated Abitibi Geophysics as though it was his own company.Should you require further information, please call me during business hours at 819-874-8800
Thank You, Pierre Berube, Abitibi Geophysics

Here, Abitibi Geophysics CEO Pierre Berube pours through survey documents along with the actual quotations from the clients about Abitibi’s services.  After doing the surveys, I remove the names of the respondants to avoid any bad feelings between our client and their clients.

The surveys provide helpful insights to creating a marketing plan including media plan, trade show planner and competitive research.  The information is then tabulated, extreme points are removed leaving us with an “average” client in one field or another.  Extremely helpful.  The surveys took about a month to complete and write the tabulation reports.  We also designed the creative to be used throughout the year from the clients’ suggestions.

There is nothing better than the honest answer provided by a “best customer”.

(Above) A recurring theme from the surveys referred to Abitibi’s ability to hire “tough field crews” – and so the photo.  It resonated well with our focus group of best clients and so we used it, in many many promotional pieces including web, brochures, standees and more.

Case Study 3 – CoreSafe Core Trays

This was a perfect case for doing a survey of the past best clients to gain information and sales research.  We made a mistake by not insisting on doing a survey of existing clients as I did suggest it early, but it wasn’t adopted and we spent a great deal of time and money to achieve very little result.  It turns out, the wooden core boxes were costing Mining Producers $7 per box – and, if you know mining – it’s very difficult to transition them away from processes and procedures that they’d been using for years.  To say that I stood on my head to sell these things was an under-statement.  This is when I bought “The Challenger Sale” book – and followed along with it carefully.  I had the sell written down to every level of the mining organization along with the benefits, features and functionality of switching to a “coresafe system”.  I showed the huge savings of labour, (removal of the need to lift coreboxes removes 1 technician x 24/7 or about $200,000 a year.) the savings on Workplace Injuries, (no single person needs to lift a corebox with the system) improvement in logevity for core inside boxes (in case of a new mineral showing economic process, like Li recently) as well the savings of time in the coreshack – as everyone is logging not lifting boxes all day.  In the end, Covid slowed the business in Australia and they shut down their efforts to sell into North America.

Case Study 4 – Enersoft and their GeologicAI Core Scanner

Here is a beautiful case for the power of Linked In.  During a year and a half timeframe, I messaged, called, sent emails and produced revenue for this company in the millions of dollars.  The introductions to the world were endless and as a result we landed the world’s largest gold mining company – Agnico Eagle.  This represents a multi-million dollar sale and has blossomed into the company’s largest client.  A testimonial to the power of Linked In as well as testimonial to the power of effort, discipline and tenacity.  Let’s just say, we didn’t win at first at all.  Proud of this one.

“To whom it may concern- Kevin Palmer provided business development services at GeologicAi from March 2020 to November 2021. I didn’t work directly with Kevin, but we became acquainted at weekly operation meetings. Kevin is a good listener, with cooperative and optimistic demeanour which I enjoyed. His main task was introducing mining companies to GeologicAi laboratory services and equipment. Kevin’s promotion skills contributed to GeologicAi growth in the mining services sector during his tenure. I would recommend Kevin for business development roles based on his proven ability to quickly execute on your sales strategy with energy and enthusiasm.
Martin Trobec P. Geol.


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