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UPDATED January 17, 2024

Latest from VR Resources  who are now Investor Ready on their New Boston drilling project.  EMail us for deck or call to book a meeting with Michael Gunning – +1-807-625-1441

Palmer Creative Group presents Arizona Gold and Silver, a meticulously crafted venture. Their strategic approach ensures controlled share volumes, with friends and family as the primary stakeholders, safeguarding against chaotic market swings caused by numerous investors. Their management holds a significant portion of the stock, never having sold their shares. The inherent value of the property has high-grade gold along with large bulk tonnage: offering an exceptional exploration opportunity with immense potential for growth.  Market cap is around $32M, share price around .50.  CEO Mike Stark.

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1. Arizona Gold and Silver: Market Cap up, Share price around .50 – seeking $5M to drill off 43-101 at their Philadelphia Project

2. VR Resources: New Boston, Nevada: In negotiation, seeking $1M for drilling of the Property.  New Boston has been called “The largest Cu/Moly find anywhere” – never been drilled as of yet.

3. Thunder Gold Corp: No longer listing this company.

4. Hecla Kilmer: REEE, Northern Ontario – good batch of drilling, analysis done – need a $1 million funding to drill into their EV/Battery Mineral Project: “Niodimium”

5. Northway Diamond Property, Northern Ontario – found a Kimberlite Pipe System and if the markets weren’t so sketchy at the moment – they’d be drilling this remarkable find!  $1M for drilling.

6. Helvetia Cu and Other Minerals: In Arizona, great looking property – they are looking for a JV / Investor to provide next steps and eventually take the project over and provide them a royalty.

7. Darwin Gold Mine, seeking $66M in funding for new equipment, solar and other improvements to this permitted mine in Death Valley, California, all infrastructure, equipment and processing ongoing.

8. Green River Gold: seeking $1M for drilling on this recently encountered Nickel Zone, similar findings across the property – are offering Flowthrough with Ontario Investors getting 83% tax write off!  (Critical Metals Rebate)

9. Fluorspar Mine Rebuild: Mineralisation all there, they had a fire – mine was shuttered: need renovations of $40 to $60M to start back up.  They have a Steel Maker that was interested in buying all the output they produced.  Call for a meeting: 1.807.625 1441

10.  Libra Lithium is seeking funding to carry out further prospecting on their 10 Ontario Lithium properties.  Call for details, meetings setup with CEO on request.  They’ve recently celebrated their first of many successes!


VR Resources Receives East Zone Drilling Permit at New Boston –
Seeking: $1M for drilling at New Boston Property 2023
Contact: Dr. Michael Gunning ( )
Meeting with CEO: 1-807-625-1441
 Disclaimer: “I, Kevin Palmer hold shares of this company today” 



Newest video on VR Resources at New Boston – excellent article and Justin explains in great detail, without the geo talk – nicely done!  Eric does a nice job on these interviews!

(Above) Here it is, our biggest project yet.  This 100 year old gold mine has miles of tunnels, tons of minerals to further process and all the Ni-43-101 permits already in place.  They are sitting on a valuation between $300M and $900M depending on the assets you include.  They are seeking investors to upgrade old equipment, to increase daily tonnage – and to increase profits up to a stunning 138% increase with a capital raise of up to $60M this fall.  EMail me for the deck at  

*There is a large US Steel company that has indicated an interest in buying all fluorspar generated through this operation.  Book a meeting with Tom and Lee by calling me 1.807.625.1441 or emailing me: 


Project #1- November 9th, 2023 Revised

  1. Project Seeking: Investor   (full presentation )

Arizona Gold and Silver, has uncovered substantial levels of gold at their Philadelphia Project (map below: top circle).  Here are some insights into why this is our most attractive investment opportunity:

1. Share price is up to .47 and a half cents – up from .35 cents / Canadian – .26 cents / US

2. Market Cap is $26 Million Dollars

3. Management owns a whopping 28% of all the shares

4. There are only 71,000,000 shares outstanding

5. Management has never sold a share.  Management.Has.Never.Sold.A.Share.

6. Management has participated in every  financing

7. Recently, Management bought 1.3 million options, this created additional funding for drilling the Philadelphia Project, as a result of this additional funding, 72.5g/t were found. 

8. Of their 2400 acres of exploration property, they’ve still only explored a total of 40 acres!

9. The property extends 1.5 kilometers to the South and the gold vein is expresses itself at surface.  TSXV: AZS / OTCQB: AZASF  



Here is the share structure of Arizona Gold and Silver at 2023.  Note the high Management Participation at 28% with a total outstanding share volume of 71,000,000.

At Palmer Creative Group, we are your go-to Junior Mining Marketing Specialists – here’s is our Project #4 – Libra Lithium Exploration.  Libra Lithium, one of our prominent projects, holds 1 property in Quebec and 10 properties in Ontario, all strategically located within easy reach of the City of Thunder Bay. These properties offer excellent upside investment potential in the booming industries of EV, wind, and new technologies. As  demand for lithium grows, we are pioneering genuine grassroots lithium exploration, actively seeking new sources of this valuable resource. To book a presentation meeting, contact us here or call 1.807.625.1441.  


Project #5: Diamond Exploration in Northeastern Ontario, CEO Dr. Michael Gunning 

VR Resources Ltd. (TSX.V: VRR, FSE: 5VR; OTCQB: VRRCF), the “Company” or “VR,” has received complete results from caustic fusion and mineralogy for all three drill holes completed into the kimberlite breccia pipe complex on its Northway property in Northern Ontario. VR has made an exciting discovery of diamonds in two separate intervals in Hole 003, located 600 meters away from the initial discovery in Hole 001. These findings highlight the potential of the Northway property and demonstrate VR’s commitment to geological exploration. 

To book a presentation on this project, call us at 1.807 625 1441

Project #6 -REE Exploration in Northern Ontario – VR Resources

The Hecla-Kilmer property (“H-K”) is part of the Company’s ongoing exploration strategy of the Kapuskasing Shear Zone in northern Ontario. Initiated in 2018, the goal is to utilize new exploration technologies and apply modern mineral deposit models such as IOCG on previously unexplored areas and untested targets towards the blue-sky discovery of large footprint hydrothermal breccia systems with critical metals, copper and gold.

The area is remote, and targets are covered by a regional blanket of till, yet the property is proximal to regional infrastructure including active rail, power and highway which enable cost-effective exploration project development going forward.  To book a presentation meeting, call 1.807 625 1441

Project #7: Help with the sale of excess properties in Ontario – click link to the right to watch public-restricted video information on the 3 properties being sold by Libra Lithium given their strong position with 10 other Pegmatite exploration locations.  For further information, call Kevin Palmer 1.807.356.1313

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