Palmer Creative Group – helps bring our Junior Mining Clients to an elevated position in the minds of Investment Professionals. We create awareness for our client’s brands by using on-site visits to document their ongoing site work using drone video / gimbals / still imagery / social media post creation / ongoing marketing/interview segments / stories about the project / profiles on CEO and key members of your team – all at a subsidized rate to avoid high burn scenarios – keeping the Jr’s cash in the bank:  as their pitch gets better, the meetings and frequency of meetings improves. We work with Jr’s to create better presentations that are more likely to attract better finance offers – and finally, when they do get financing, our fees are due and payable. Our work makes financing Junior Mining companies a lot more simple: as everything that should be in the pitches – is in the pitches. That’s about it:  We post our clients projects and maintain a group of Investors here: We post a series of Project highlights on clients here: And, we attract a stream of New Junior Clients using this page: That’s what we are all about – easing the whole finance process to make it quicker to assess Project Valuations. Would love to jump on a call with you and do some screen sharing with you.   Cheers, Kevin Palmer Marketing Specialist, Mining Palmer Creative Group Canada Whatsapp: +1-807-356-1313

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Our process in marketing has always been effective.  We begin with an intense series of questions with the CEO of the company.  From here, we develop a list of questions for the company’s best past clients.   Our lines of questions of these best clients may include: what do you like about ABC Services, dislikes, things you wish they could do better, products/services that you have used, commentary on the people, the on-time/on-budget track record, what shows that they attend, what do they see in their mind’s eye when thinking about ABC Type Services/products and in general we are building the sales platform from the position of the best clients: in this way, all media that we create will be modelled after those opinions and the likelihood of finding more “best type client” goes way up as a result.  Next we tabulate the survey results and report to you as to our findings – to correct what we can as soon as possible.  Following this, we follow our Marketing Plan worksheet and fill in Chapter One: Quick, Strategic Marketing Plan Overview, Chapter Two: Products and Services, Chapter Three: Customers and Prospects, Chapter Four: Competitive Analysis, Chapter Five: Advertising and Promotional, Chapter Six: Pricing and Study of the Market, Chapter Seven: Summary and Review with You, Chapter Eight: Media / Advertising / Plan and Show Recomendations.  Following all this research we then build creative that will effectively stop Social Media Scrolling and win more business for you.

In order to save time, please have all information covered in your presentation documents.  This will save a ton of time in the process of getting your project funded.  Once this information is in your deck, send it on to us at [email protected] and we’ll send it out either in one of our Spotlight updates or as Investors ask us about your project.  Thanks, Kevin


Step One Upon Signing Up: Palmer Creative Group excels in efficiently gathering all the essential resources required to effectively promote your company. Our comprehensive approach encompasses maps, decks, imagery, video, compelling stories, profiles on key personnel, captivating historical facts about your property, in-depth analysis of competing entities seeking financial support, well-organized news scheduling, and a personalized social media calendar for your designated Social Media Manager within our firm.  Funding is tough to get now a days, you’ll need all the horsepower that you can get to finance your project.

Step 2:  Whatever is missing – create from scratch in step 2.

From stunning imagery to compelling stories, we ensure that your project stands out among the competition. With access to our Inspiring Investor Group and a track record of over 20 years, we guarantee long-term success and continued growth. Trust us to bring your project to life and attract the funding it deserves. We will also begin right away to show our Investor’s Page precisely why yours is the perfect project for them right at this time.  Funding is tricky these days, you’ll want to have all the marketing horsepower that you can to get your Project funded.

Are you ready to take your junior mining project to the next level? Look no further than Palmer Creative Group, the leading experts in junior mining marketing. With our unique and innovative approach, we connect you with our inspiring investor group filled with experienced professionals ready to fund your project. Our media creations tell your project’s story in captivating ways, instilling investor confidence and generating maximum interest. From eye-catching imagery and video production to stunning highlight sheets and professional marketing systems, we’ve got you covered. With a 20+ year track record of success, you can trust us to deliver exceptional results. And don’t forget about our expertise in creating detailed imagery of core samples that simply can’t be overlooked. Join forces with Palmer Creative Group and witness the power of our marketing magic.

Step 3 – Begin with writing stories on the project, stories on your people, drone video of your site, explanations of the challenges that you are facing and stories about your innovation in overcoming those challenges – we’ll make Social Media posts that are read by our 18,000 Linked In Connections, our 250 Investor Group members and across Linked In – we’ll also use our vast network of views on You Tube (30,000 views last month) to make your project standout in the minds of your Shareholders and Investors alike.  We’ll send your packages out with our automated email system to more than 10,000 investors in total – all using attractive graphic designs, state of the art video – and imagery that commands attention.  Funding is not easily gotten these days, you’ll need all the horsepower that we offer!


“Kevin is a “go-getter” , always thinking about the task at hand and definitly not afraid to try something different.”  Norm Sancartier , Owner, Caribou Lodge Outfitters 

“Kevin is very creative, and he doesn’t take the “easy way out” of a project. He would rather start over than repeat something from a year ago. Kevin has lots of energy, and he respects other people’s opinions. Kevin is a very dedicated worker and he understands marketing, people, and trends very well.” Jennifer Young, General Manager, Bay Lakes Marketing Inc

“Kevin is amazingly creative. He has an eye for photos that speak volumes and knows how to target an image and content to a specific audience. Kevin has taught me volumes about marketing and his company is one that I would consider as a lighthouse in my career direction and customer service direction.”  Ross McCubbin, Owner, Amik Technology

“What impresses me about Kevin is his creativity. This is one of his strong points. His work on Travel Manitoba’s fish & hunt marketing campaign gave us an elevated and sustained presence in the marketplace.”  Mark Clarke, Manager, Market Development, Travel Manitoba

“I have known Kevin for over 20 years and he has outstanding creative skills. He is always determined to give clients something beyond their expectations. He blends his photographic skills with print to make something which certainly grabs your attention. In his portfolio he has worked with industrial/institutional clients, large international automobile companies and individual people bringing out great results in print. He works tirelessly until he gets it right. View his portfolio ,you won’t be disappointed” David Glover, Fashion Store Entrepreneur, Canada

“Kevin is a highly motivated Outdoor Manager at Travel Manitoba who has keen insight to the Outdoor travel Industry. He is able to work with all the Venues, large or small with the same amount of enthusiasm for every task.” Helgi Einarsson, owner/manager, Einarsson’s Guide Service

“Kevin is a professional marketer accredited by the Canadian Institute of Marketing, as am I. His credentials attest to his understanding of marketing principles, standards and ethics that has been peer reviewed for membership in the Institute. Kevin has delivered a marketing webinar for the Institute that was well received and discussed by fellow members. He is a colleague of mine, a businessman and innovative marketer with valued skills.” Grant Lee, Executive Director, Canadian Institute of Marketing

“Since Kevin started working with Travel Manitoba, things get done! The Lodge industry has never had someone that can take things from an idea to putting them in practice so quickly. The lead time from idea to execution is days now instead of “next year”. I really like his fresh out of the box ideas he presents.
Bottom Line, Kevin has given me ideas that put more money in my jeans. That’s what is important to me!  Lee Nolden, Canada’s Gods Lake Lodge”

 “Kevin is a very creative and highly motivated individual within the tourism sector. He works well with an often challenging cliental.  Although working within a bureaucratic style of system his actions are similar to one owning his own business. He is very knowledgeable and to the point when it comes to decision making.” Don Finkbeiner, Travel Agency Owner, Winnipeg, Mb. Canada

 “Kevin has used his splendid imagination and go-get-‘m attitude to bring the promotion and lure of Manitoba’s recreational fishing industry up many notches. Similar results can only be expected as he applies his successful strategies to the province’s hunting industry.” Russ Popp, Owner Outfitting Business

“I am astounded with the ideas Kevin Palmer has with respect to marketing campaigns, professional sales ideas and unique methods of gaining exposure. All of his skills plus his drive to fully understand the “customer” ensures results. Kevin’s experience, knowledge and high level of common sense are a rare asset these days, and it is a pleasure to do business with him. Kevin is also open to suggestions and input that will assist him understanding the goals.
Gildas Paradis Riverside Lodge” 

“I have know Kevin and have had Kevin assist me with the promotion of my business through Travel Manitoba for the past 2 years.  I have found Kevin energetic and innovative in the introduction of new ideas and marketing methods. He has enabled my small company to join in on some excellent advertising and promotional opportunities that had not existed with Travel Manitoba or anywhere before. Ultimately, we and many others in the business have been able to “get the word out” to the public and in doing so have brought more people to Manitoba and that’s what it is all about.” Duncan Ross, Owner, Kitchi Island Outposts

 “Our work with Kevin involved bringing him out to our location and briefing him on our operation and what exactly Trail End Camp has to offer it’s customers.
Kevin’s passion for promoting Manitoba was very evident from the first time we spoke. He has a vibrancy of ideas that don’t fit a standard mold, so to speak. These ideas have led to an obvious positive increase in not only Travel Manitoba’s presence in the market place, but in the different lodges and outfitters participation in the various programs that have been created and offered.  He also knows how to take a pretty good picture.
We look forward to continued relationships with Kevin.” Vance Hrechkosy, Owner, Trail End Camp & Outfitters

 “Kevin has done in 2 years short years what has never been done before, taking the marketing of our product to a new level. We now have over 100+ companies working together, through his unique marketing initiatives. I am very excited to be part of this program and would recommend anyone interested in new and innovative marketing ideas to give him a very serious look.” Rick Bohna, Camp General Manager, Big Sand Lake Lodge, Manitoba 

“Kevin brings aggressive expertise to a tough industry. His involvement with Travel Manitoba has been a breath of fresh, cocky air.” Robert Paquin, Owner Muroe Lake Lodge, Northern Manitoba 

“Kevin Palmer is a results oriented marketing man who concentrates on the big picture of moving-the-needle through highly-targeted, quantifiable branding and advertising campaigns. His branding work for Travel Manitoba is innovative and right on-the-mark.” Joel Prunty, Media Manager, All-Canada Shows, Wisconsin. 

“Kevin’s creative and innovative approach to marketing is refreshing. He is organized, and works hard at keeping everyone informed. Having Kevin on your team should bring about increased awareness of your product, and therefore bring about increased sales.” Peg Baynton, Bakers Lake Lodge, Northern Manitoba





We offer your Junior Mining Project access to our Inspiring Investor Group – full of Equity Investment Professionals that are experienced, competent and who’s mandate is to fund Projects in Mining.   We help you to create media to effectively communicate your uniqueness to this group.


Palmer Creative Group creates media that instills investor confidence in your project. We excel at telling your stories and capturing eye-catching imagery. Our expertise includes drone / gimbal / core tables / hand-held automated video production and editing, site visits, and leveraging your project details against our extensive network: 251 investment professionals within our group, 4,000 investors outside of our group, an email database of 18,000 mining professionals, and access to the web and YouTube (generating 30,000 views). Additionally, we offer graphic design, brochure design, trade show booth design, and more. As an integral tool, we play a vital role in ensuring the eventual success of your project.


Nothing beats a great graphic design to attract attention of shareholders and investors like sound graphic design using principals in design that are sound.  If you don’t know how to do this well, you could learn over the next 10 years or you could just leave it to a professional.  We all know, you can’t cut your own hair and you can’t do your own marketing…


The benefits of great imagery and video are many.  In a quick view, people get the concept / understand the benefit / can take action to further explore your offer to them – and, by having access to email databases, 18,000 Linked In professionals – and our great INSPIRING INVESTOR GROUP – we can guarantee that your project will get views – many views and many more than you can get using traditional media and other services.  We are focused on mining investors and don’t have a component that strays from this focus.


It’s a pretty safe bet that Palmer Creative Group will excel at solving any puzzle thrown our way. With a proven track record in imagery, marketing, tourism, ec-development, AI scanning for mining, mining supply companies, Junior Mining companies, and more, we are your go-to solution. Need something accomplished? Entrust it to us and we will generate interest, enhance investor awareness, and deliver a stunning collection of media and materials that will serve you for the next decade, guaranteed.



The importance of your core?  It’s all you have to show usually.  Why not do it up right and make a spectacle that is viewed many times.  Our Linked In View count for 2023 is around 552,000+ views on our posts.  We provide you the eyes on pages that you need to create top of mind awareness for your brand and project.  

Thunder Gold


Palmer Creative Group excels at bringing your project to life for investors. Our professionalism and expertise are evident in our captivating marketing strategies, capturing the attention of shareholders and new investment bank professionals. We differentiate ourselves from average junior mining companies as discerning Investment Professionals readily recognize the brilliance of our marketing tactics. With our extensive experience, we maintain a clear advantage over our competitors, ensuring long-term success and continued growth.  We’re the guys that bring full production to the field, then create magic media all year long by editing videos, interviews and still life imagery into social media posts.

Often, the increase in promotional activity will sometimes impact the share activity – we of course do not guarantee this activity, but we have noticed that this can occur.  As we continue to create media, more and more of your Jr. Mining Company’s uniqueness is unveiled – attracting more and different investor types.  We post things on our 18,000 member Linked In following, our Investment Group of 240 members – as well as many other groups that we have created for the purposes of promoting to specific segments of the mining markets.


Junior Miners don’t need better pictures or videos. What they need is funding for their drill projects, which is crucial for their survival. At Palmer Creative Group, we have the solution. Instead of hiring a fast-talking salesperson to pitch to potential funders, utilize our media services to attract attention to your project. We draw people in with our logical approach, meticulous planning, stunning videos and images, and top-of-the-line equipment. We represent professionalism across the board. 

Introducing Kevin Palmer, the leader behind Palmer Creative Group.


As a Registered Professional Marketer (designate #801), Kevin’s remarkable journey in the marketing industry is defined by his unwavering commitment to success. From his groundbreaking achievements at the Kimberly Clark Mill in Terrace Bay Ontario, where he helped to orchestrate a sale worth several hundred million dollars, to his role in shaping the local PR/marketing strategies of Teck Corona, Noranda’s Golden Giant Mine, and Avenor’s Mill in Thunder Bay, Kevin’s expertise knows no bounds. He also left a mark on the mill in Dryden Ontario, crafting impactful Public Relations Campaigns during a lengthy contract with Avenor. Kevin’s passion for First Nation’s Tourism led him to become a primary lead consultant with the esteemed Northern Ontario Native Tourism Association. Recognizing his marketing skill, the Province of Manitoba entrusted him with dominating the Outdoors Markets in the US Midwest, utilizing insights from over 400 top clients from the province’s finest lodges and outfitters. After an extraordinary 6-year project, Kevin’s journey continued, propelling him to help guide the marketing efforts of Abitibi Geophysics, where he played a role in developing their branding based on the invaluable opinions of their esteemed customers. Building on this success, Kevin took on the challenge of setting new sales records at GeologicAI, helping to secure a remarkable ongoing contract with Agnico Eagle – to this day their largest ever. For those seeking a visionary leader to ignite their imagination and drive unprecedented success in the mining industry, Kevin Palmer, the former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Institute of Marketing, is a logical choice and an executive with a powerful serial success background.